The workshop of Mr. Peter Mürnseer, in Kitzbühel, Austria

This past summer I had the opportunity to visit the workshop of master musical instrument maker, Peter Mürnseer, in Kitzbühel, Austria. Even though I had not been able to make an appointment beforehand, Mr. Mürnseer was exceptionally gracious in welcoming my wife, Rosemarie, and me to look at the craftsmen busy at work in his shop. The shop was a veritable beehive of activity; there were seven people, including Herr Mürnseer Senior, creating the musical instruments which have a reputation throughout Austria and beyond for their excellent quality and beautiful sound.

The people at Mürnseer specialize in making the highest-quality instruments. These include harps, hammered dulcimers (Hackbretter), and of course, zithers. On the back wall of this picture you can see some of the forms which are used in making the famous Mürnseer zithers. It should be noted that Mürnseer pedal harps have achieved world-wide fame for their exceptional sound.

Someone once said, “What the Stradivarius is to the violinist, that is what the Mürnseer is to the harpist.” Mr. Mürnseer confided that although the greatest part of what the craftsmen at Mürnseer produce currently is harps, creating zithers still has a very special significance for him personally.

If you are ever looking for a zither, a hackbrett or a pedal harp, you may wish to contact Mr.
Peter Mürnseer.
He can be reached at
Peter Mürnseer
Jochbergerstrasse 125
6370 Kitzbühel
Tel. +43(0)5356/62956